Hannu Verkasalo

Verto Analytics
CEO and founder

Hannu Verkasalo is the CEO and founder of Verto Analytics, a single-source, cross-device audience measurement solution that measures the complex behavior of today’s mobile consumer on every device, app, screen, and platform they use throughout their day. Hannu founded, built and sold several companies in the digital space, and has also advised over twenty ventures across the US and Europe over the past 15 years. Hannu’s previous venture, mobile analytics firm Zokem, was acquired by Arbitron Inc. in 2011. Hannu continued as Senior Vice President and Head of Mobile and Internet at Arbitron, and built the company’s presence across Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America. Hannu holds a Ph.D. in Mobile Analytics from Aalto University, along with Masters degrees in Engineering, Social Science, and Economics. Follow Hannu and Verto Analytics on twitter at @hverkasalo and @vertoanalytics.