Leo Koichi Kato

Ureru Net Advertising Inc.
President & CEO

Leo Koichi Kato is the best known "Digital Direct Marketer" in Japan. With over 15 years of performance marketing experience in global companies like Mitsubishi Corporation, Havas Worldwide Tokyo and ASATSU-DK, Leo has succeeded in implementing direct marketing principles into client's online advertising campaigns. Through his expertise in providing effective business solutions, Every single one of his client's were able to turn their online businesses into lucrative success stories, which earned him the nickname "The Magician". Leo is also known for his experience in speaking at various digital marketing events in Japan, as well as for his best-seller book "100% guarantee sales increase Internet Marketing Structure". He was the first chairman of "Kyushu Internet Advertising Association". Leo was born in Brazil, and raised in the United States, and is now residing in Japan. Winner of the 10th Web Creation Award. Voted as the "No.1 Speaker" of ad:tech tokyo 2012 & ad:tech Kyushu 2013, 2014!