[A-2] The hottest Global ad-tech Trends

講演スピーカー 一覧

  • Moderator

    Sam Kelly

    AdRoll KK
    Leader, Account Management

  • Tatsuo Sakamoto

    AppLovin Corporation
    Director Sales, Japan

  • Toru Takata

    Yahoo Japan Corporation / IAB Tech Lab
    SVP, Corporate Development, Media & Marketing Solutions Group / Executive Committee and Founding Member

  • Wrobel Thomas

    trivago GmbH
    Global Head of Performance Marketing


The world of ad-tech is ever-changing, and both technology companies and advertisers must think dynamically in order to stay relevant to their consumers. From cross-device and native to attribution and analytics, we see new technology companies emerging all the time and constructing a media strategy can sometimes feel like throwing darts at a dartboard.
This panel seeks to unwrap the current state of online ads, highlight a few of the hottest global technologies in the space, and see the market from the advertiser’s perspective in building cohesive and trackable advertising campaigns.

Written by Sam Kelly