[A-4] Marketing for Inbound Japan Tourism Market

Session Speaker List

  • Moderator

    Kei Shibata

    Venture Republic Inc.
    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Andy Meyers

    AJ Advisers LLC

  • Joel Fisher

    Director of Display Advertising Sales, Asia Pacific

  • Maruyama Takafumi

    Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.
    Overseas e-Commerce and Marketing Group, Web Sales Department

  • Nobuyuki Kikuchi

    Global Business Bureau,Deputy General Manager

Session Summry

-How can Japan achieve 40 million foreign travelers towards 2020?-

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has revised the targets of Japan’s inbound tourism to double. New government’s targets are 40 million foreign visitors to Japan in 2020 and 60 millions in 2030 with 8 trillion yen and 15 trillion yen in tourists’ spending respectively.
Is he too ambitious? How realistic those targets are? What can be done to achieve them? How can we better market this country? What are the key challenges?

Written by Kei Shibata