[C-1] How marketing methods differ between Japan and the rest of the world

講演スピーカー 一覧

  • Moderator

    Takeshi Nakagawa

    Dentsu inc.
    Data & Technology Center / Marketing Director

  • Masayuki Hayashi

    LMG, Inc.

  • Phil Pearson

    Dentsu Isobar
    Global Accounts, Account Manager

  • Xiqiao Liu

    J&J Consumer Company
    Marketing & Marketing Director


For global marketers intent on exploring the Japanese market, this session will provide multiple perspectives on how to build strategy. The panelists hail from diverse professional backgrounds, such as brand management, marketing technology development, and global agencies. Items on the agenda are:
– Understanding Japanese Consumers
– Latest marketing technologies in Japan
– Media and agency relationships in Japan
We’re confident the session will provide you with many tips on creating a successful marketing strategy.

Written by Takeshi Nakagawa