[C-2] Marketer’s Challenge:Japanese product/service going Global

Session Speaker List

  • Moderator

    Ryukichi Miyabayashi

    Dentsu Inc.
    Dentsu Innovation Institute (電通総研) & Senior Consulting Manager

  • Atsushi Mizushima

    Nishimura & Asahi

  • Jeff Crawford

    JC Digital Consulting

  • Ohno Tomohiro

    Kudan Limited

Session Summry

Many Japanese companies have been struggling to globalize their business due to a variety of obstacles in areas such as localization, intense competition, and lack of human capital. How can we deal with the reality that success in the Japanese market doesn’t directly lead to success in Asian and global markets?

For this session we’ve invited three different types of talent familiar with global business to discuss “How to succeed globally” from the viewpoints of an entrepreneur in cutting-edge technology such as AR/VR engines, a lawyer who provides assistance to Japanese startups in globalizing their business, and a marketing consultant active in global business.

Written by Ryukichi Miyabayashi