[A-1] What Is Global Marketing? -Strategic Issues

Session Speaker List

  • Moderator

    Matsuura Yoshi
    Yoshi Matsuura

    Senior Planning Director

  • Aco Yamagata

    Unilever Japan Customer Marketing K.K.
    Marketing Brand Building Media Director

  • Hannu Verkasalo

    Verto Analytics
    CEO and founder

  • Takeshi Suzuki

    New Balance Japan, Inc.
    Senior Manager of Marketing

Session Summry

Global marketing is increasingly becoming relevant to the business world. As the population declines in Japan, global marketing is shifting from someone’s issue to every business person’s concern.

Many Japanese companies face challenges, and they’re struggling to find the best practice. But that is the same with Western companies. They are constantly learning global marketing from traditional to digital, use of data, and restructuring organizational structures.

In this panel, we would like to learn from the global brands, how they see global marketing in Japan, what they have learned until now and how they are tackling new challenges.

Our professional panel of global marketers will openly share useful insights and actions, as well as what keeps them awake at night. Our goals is to provide takeaways you can bring back to your organizations.

Written by Yoshi Matsuura