[C-3] Introduction of Japanese ad-tech Chaos Map

Session Speaker List

  • Moderator

    Shuji Honjo

    Honjo International
    Managing Director

  • Hiroshi Kondo

    xAd Japan, G.K
    Head of Sales, xAd Japan, G.K

  • Sho Mizutani

    mixi, Inc.
    Global Publishing Division, XFLAG Studio

  • Yosuke Maekawa

    PubMatic KK
    Country Manager

Session Summry

This panel explores the key characteristics of and the practical approaches to the Japanese ad market. The ad-tech chaos map helps us to understand Japan’s ecosystem and reality. The significant differences from the US reveal challenges and opportunities for those target Japan. The panel tries to provide the Do and Don’t perspectives to capture this large, unique market.

Written by Shuji Honjo